wax your skis!


My fave subject -Waxless Skis. Lets talk wax. Unfortunately  there are still misinformed folks out there selling and using XC skis. The misconception is around the term “waxless” or “no wax” which in it’s name itself implies a ski that doesn’t need wax. Thanks to Fischer, Atomic , Salomon, and Rossignol the name they have bestowed on these skis has often led to some frustrated skiers who end up hating the sport. XC Skiing is a hard enough sport so without the proper prep it is like riding a bike with the brakes on!

Let us clarify this:

There are two types of wax – Kick wax and glide wax.

What that name (or misnomer) means is that you don’t need kick wax for those skis. Every quality ski on the planet needs and even cries out for glide wax. Quality ski bases are made with a process called sintered. That makes a base that is very porous so it will accept and hold glide wax when prepped. The glide wax is applied with a wax iron on the smooth tip and tail sections and the excess scraped smooth when it cools. The patterned part (middle) of these skis should have a liquid wax applied before every ski. You cannot wax too much!  You can reach a point where more wax is useless but from what I have seen most rec skiers will never get there so I overstate. Bases need the wax to protect the p-tex from oxidizing which closes up the pores of the base and ruins it’s inherent properties that improve glide when waxed.

We have in stock all the necessary tools to get you started. Once you learn how it is a simple process that will enhance your enjoyment of the sport significantly. Stop by and let us help you get prepped for the season.

Wax on!




tired cyclist
Over the many years that I’ve been involved in selling and fitting bicycles to my customers one thing stands out…. the greater majority of my customers aren’t aware of the importance of have a high cadence and what this means to becoming a better cyclist. It’s hard to make people aware especially if they’re in the habit of pushing a big gear at a low RPM of how inefficient that can be long-term. What I have found is that there is initial resistance to change this habit but when people actually put it in practice they are quite thankful they gave it a chance. The best way to think of this is to employ a more Eastern way of thinking. That means you do more with less. Unlike the American way where the habit is to go out and kill it and only the strong survive. That’s a valiant thought but generally nobody survives and thrives in that effort long term. If you’re in it for the long-haul, which most of us are, (and that means more than five minutes riding) then it’s important to employ this discipline.
Note that this technique is not just for avid road and mountain cyclists but also for recreational cyclists on hybrids, city bikes, and commuter bikes of all types.

The best way to monitor your cadence or spin is to have an electronic device that counts your RPM and gives you constant feedback on how and what you’re doing.
There are numerous both wired and wireless options to help you with this. Another method is to employ musical knowledge of metronome markings. Best example is the music from the movie “Breaking Away” Mendelsson’s fourth symphony the “Italian”. The last movement of that piece is marked presto which is more than 160 beats per minute. If you do one leg per beat you are spinning greater than 80 RPM which is in the ideal zone of 80 – 100 RPM. However you do it I urge you to give it a try and I think you’ll be surprised at the results.

As always we’re here to help and I hope that this information is helpful to many.
Hope to see you soon.

Fat Bike Demo


You’ve probably read about the fastest growing segment of the bike industry, Fatbikes, and likely seen some around. You’ve definitely heard me babble on about them as I got one this year and love it. They are really fun to ride and another fun thing to do on snow in the winter. However, they aren’t just for snow, I ride mine all year round and if you are on the fence about a mountain bike or other, one of these might fit the bill.

If you are curious about them or want to see what they are all about, we’ll be running demo rides this Saturday March 7th from the Bikeway Source in Bedford MA from 1- 3 (or later if there is interest). We’ll have several bikes in an array of sizes and ranging from entry level all the way up to race bikes. The Bikeway Source Bell Lap Racing team will be on hand as well to lead the rides and answer questions about the bikes.

Ride’s will be an easy ride along the reformatory rail trail or in the Hartwell Town forest. You won’t need any special gear beyond your helmet, some gloves and winter boots or SPD compatible MTB shoes. It’ll be a perfect sunny day to ride with temps in the low 30’s and a great way to get a sense of how these rigs go.

Let me know if you are interested and if I should expect you so I can make sure I’ve got a ride for you.

Directions here: http://www.bikewaysource.com/

Articles about Fatbikes from WSJ and NBC News

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